• A story
    that smells of wood

    We have been working wood for more than 100 years, with love and respect, to give emotions to our customers.

    delbasso parquet chi siamo

Made in Italy Wood Flooring

DELBASSO parquet is a family company that has been working wood for three generations to realize artisan wood flooring.

The story

The story begins more than a century ago, when a very skilled craftsman starts his business in the construction of window. Over time, the small workshop has grown, from generation to generation, until the production of wood flooring.
Today DELBASSO parquet is a reference point for the creation of handcrafted made in Italy wood flooring.

Giovanni Del Basso
Francesco Del Basso

We merge craftsmanship and industrial ability to offer customized solutions and a very high quality product, so you can choose among 3-layer wood flooring, hardwood floor and 2-layer wood flooring.
You can create large and small planks, French herringbone, versailles and all that you like thanks to these materials. You will be able to create a wonderful fusion of colors and designs, that preserves the original scent of the wood; you will find how it can be pleasing to the touch. For our customers, in fact, we choose only Italian wood and reclaimed wood, to give a chance to this so valuable material to continue living.

lavorazione parquet delbasso
del basso parquet lavorazione

All products are finished in Italy, by hand, in our workshop; in this way our artisan wood flooring can be enriched with more and different finishes.
DELBASSO parquet ensures an eco-friendly treatment with vegetable oils and natural ingredients that do not pollute and make the environment more comfortable and healthy.

lavorazione parquet delbasso
del basso parquet pavimenti in legno

We always listen to all needs to customize our products. Our streght is also the fact that we have preserved the charm of  the ancient craftsmanship over the years now mixing it with a modern and creative approach in the realization of made in Italy parquet.

Although the processing methods have changed and improved compared to the origins, the love and respect we have for this precious material is unchanged over time and allows us to enrich our creations of that passion without which it would be only a parquet.

Passion e respect
for the nature are the secret
of our parquet

francesco del basso