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nutro parquet prodotti manutenzione parquet


Watery wax-oil

Features: Nutro-parquet is an oiled wax that can be used for the maintenance of all the oiled wood surfaces. It enhances and protect oiled/waxed floors without surface films, ensuring and increasing the anti-stain properties and facilitating the normal maintenance.

Use recommendations: Shake before use. Use in environments with temperatures above + 15 ° C. Pre-clean the surface with Mistrall cleansing soap. With dry floor spread a thin and uniform film of Nutro-parquet using a broom and a cotton cloth. After about 30-60 minutes the floor is dry. Averagely, repeat the treatment every 10-12 months.

Dilution: Ready to use. If necessary, it can be diluted with water.

Performance: Approximately 22/32 sq.m/lt.

Conservation: Closed in original packaging in a cool place, protected from bitter cold and UV rays, you can keep it unchanged for at least two years.

mistrall parquet prodotti manutenzione parquet


Cleansing soap

Features: Mistrall is a neutral cleaner that, thanks to its special formula, in addition to a sanitizing and rinsing action, prevents the formation of mold, bacteria, pathogenic germs.

Function: Mistrall has the quality of removing the dirt surface and, thanks to  its delicate but incisive cleaning power, can also clean delicate surfaces such as stone, marble, wood, clay cotto, porcelain stoneware, ceramic, etc …

Use recommentations: Shake before use. For routine cleaning, dilute 1-2% (half a cup) in a bucket of water of about 8.10 l, passing the cloth (soaked in the solution and wrung out) on the floor until you get the desired cleaning. Rinse is not required. For persistent dirt use a higher concentration of product, in this case, proceed to the surface rinsing.

Dilution: 1-2% in water for frequent and normale cleaning. rinse is not required. 5-10% in water for old and persistent dirt, in this case it requires rinse.

Performance: With 10 liters of water and 1-2% Mistrall you can wash about 100 square meters.

Conservation: Closed in its original packaging, in a cool place, protected from bitter cold and UV rays, you can keep it unchanged for at least 12 months

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