Wood is
a living
and timeless

DELBASSO is a company with a long history that has been developing for almost a hundred years in the hands of the same family, which has taken turns managing it from generation to generation, characterizing its evolution. This is how the small carpentry workshop, which gradually specialized in the production of wooden window frames, grows and develops, becoming the reference point of our days in the production of parquet.


Wood is a living and timeless material, which requires manual processing which enhances its characteristics and transforms it into a unique, beautiful, durable product, more than other materials.


The craftsmanship of DELBASSO is a legacy of the past that has refined over the years becoming today a complex heritage, in which the refinement of traditional techniques is accompanied by the implementation of new technologies, which enhance the manual processing without replacing it.

Respect for the nature of wood
almost automatically imposes
respect for nature as environment

hence DELBASSO’s ultra-sustainable choice
to use reclaimed wood and finishing products such as
water-based paints and natural oils and waxes,
based on linseed oil and bees wax.

the ideal interpreter
of each project

This is how DELBASSO is a candidate to be the ideal partner of professionals in the sector and the ideal interpreter of each project, which can be transformed into a celebration of human creativity and the uniqueness of a style, thanks to the wisdom of its workers. The modernity of the company lies precisely in the strong desire to preserve techniques that know of ancient and eternal, such as corrugated and planed processings: all interventions carried out by hand, because only the hand and the eye of the craftsman can control the grain, feeling the surface, realizing the metamorphosis of the wood from raw and imperfect material, to an exclusive, stylish, elaborate, but always natural flooring, even in the most daring and current versions.


On these solid foundations, DELBASSO has built a very varied and versatile offer, able to go beyond the lines in the catalog, to satisfy and fulfill any request in the field of coating. As a natural consequence of this versatile company ability, there is openness to the world of art and design in which Francesco Del Basso has become the protagonist, calling to assist him in his management of artists and designers, to conceive and experiment with unprecedented applications of parquet. Among these, the architect and designer Daniele Della Porta, artistic director of the new DELBASSO course, who has re-modulated and cataloged the production, interpreting the best of the possibilities of an ancient material such as wood, which thanks to the infinite ability to regenerate and the versatility of its applications reveals the material of the future: eco, human, unique.