Osteria dell’Orologio – Fiumicino

In the city center of Fiumicino there is a tavern where the wood is the master.
The atmosphere and the chef’s dishes make warm the guests’ heart.

ARCHITECT: Luca Bruno – YEAR: 2018

Interno Osteria dell'Orologio a Fiumicino

The restoration has been performed in the city center of Fiumicino in a famous nineteenth century palace drawn up by Giuseppe Valadier, where a little room has become one of reference points for who loves fish in the outskirt of Rome.

The architect  Luca Bruno had the burden and the honor to project and insert 30 seats in a space slightly larger than 35 sqm.

The choice of the works, the use of the proper materials has wisely combined the contemporaneity of a gourmet restaurant with the charm of a nineteenth century building.

The dialogue between the contemporaneity and the history lives again in the barrel vault with exposed bricks, which reminds the life of those places, used in the past by fishermen as deposits. A wall built in reclaimed fir embedded in an oxidized iron structure comes from it to the floor.

Sala Osteria dell'Orologio a Fiumicino
l'orologio parquet abete di recupero

New materials able to value and remind the time spent. The cracks, the shades and the irregular surface of the fir in first patina gives the charm of what has been lived and we find in in the oxidized iron, to highlight the transformation a metal lives, in a short time, in contact with the salt-charged air.

The DELBASSO reclaimed fir has been chosen also as floor, well mixed with geomalta, to recreate a division inside the space.

      Planning the contemporary in a space slightly bigger than 35 sqm, has given me the same anxiety a surgeon could have in setting a small prosthesis in a body of 90 years. Even though it is a little prosthesis, the operation would be risky.

Luca Bruno

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